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Seeing the installation site first-hand gives us a clear vision of the requirements for your project ensuring a smooth installation process.

We allow you to evaluate samples in the environment where the window treatments will be installed. Seeing your home helps us fully understand your needs and allows us to truly custom-craft solutions for each window in your home.





Offering a new



The Blind Factory has been providing custom window coverings to homeowners, builders and contractors for more than 40 years. Our mission is to help you personalize your environment by custom tailoring the exact colors, materials and lighting control options, transforming your space to reflect your personal tastes at the lowest prices around.


We are uniquely qualified to bring you lasting creations enhancing the beauty, efficiency, comfort and originality of every room in your home.

We can repair, replace parts and even do cut-downs. Sometimes it may seem your blinds need to be replaced, but some reasonably priced parts and labor are available for restoration.




The Blind Factory

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